Wednesday, December 12, 2007


17 years ago today I tied the knot. We did not date long and we both felt that we were for each other so we eloped. I know now that it would have been better to have a church wedding and all but at 18 and in love I could not think clearly. I was going through some rough times in my life and had just gotten back to God at a revival. I really feel that God put us together and what God puts together is always best. So after 17 years and 5 kids and numerous hurdles and trials we are still much in love.

We did have 2 wedding receptions from our families and were able to do the cake thing. We tried to do a wedding vowel renewal at 10 years but it did not work out. Who knows, may for our 20th.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


This year was Fallynn's first attempt at baking with mom for Christmas. A good friend of mine, Sandy Yohe was also here to help. Fallynn and Seth worked well together and we were able to make 10 dozen sugar cookies. We then made 4 dozen gingerbread men and 2 pounds of fudge. I thought that Fallynn would get tired and quit but she helped to the very end, even doing the clean up and dishes with Sandy. What a great helper!!. Thanks to Seth and Sandy and for the rest of the family for giving their smile of approval after tasting.

Fallynn decorating cookies and her face :p

Fallynn doing dishes...

One tired baker...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


It is usually a time we all Trying to get all my kids to smile and hold still for one pose is a difficult task. One looks away, one is talking, one is not smiling and the list goes one. My kids dread this time of the year when I want a really nice picture to put in my Christmas cards. So this year went rather quickly because after about 8 different shots, Fallynn fell off the stand she was standing on and so ended our picture session and I had to choose the best of the ones I had. Tyler was able to grab her feet and she was not hurt just scared to lots of tears. So another year of pictures have come and gone and this one was not without memories for the kids to look back on.

Also I have added some information about each of my kids under their pictures at the right of my blog. Just thought you might like to read them.

This is the pose I chose for our cards.

These are some of the other shots that I took......

Here are some more pictures of our decorations. We have never had stairs, so I really enjoyed being able to hang the stocking on the stair railing and decorating it as well with lights and tinsel.