Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall pictures for 2009

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Finally updating my blog after how long??????

Wow has it been a long time for updates. Sorry. I have listed these from most recent to clear back in April..

Our first snow, Nov. 08

Thanksgiving visit with Buzz's son Gerry

Eathan's Birthday #11 He wanted Pumpkin Pie instead of a cake.

Fallynn's Birthday #4

Fall trip to corn maize

Fall hike in woods

Seth's Birthday #8
Tyler got Driver's license, car and a job this summer.
First paycheckFirst day of workFt. Wayne Zoo, Summer 2008
Dayton Children's Museum Summer 2008
Ayden, Summer 2008

Fallynn and friend watching cartoons in Fallynn's room, Summer 2008
Summer pictures 2008

Mother's Day 2008

My Birthday cake and all 36 candles

This is Fallynn on Easter morning

Tyler on Easter

The whole gang on Easter

Jared's Birthday, April 2nd

I left off with my pictures around March or April. So here are some Easter pics.

They had an Easter Egg hunt at the nursing home where Steve's uncle is and so the kids went and spent some time with Buzz.



These are from summer 2007, but I just got them from a friend and decided to add them. Steve, Tyler, Jared and Eathan shooting guns at a friends house.

Lastly is a picture my friend found on the internet at Sara's Derschield church in Indiana of a little girl that looks just like Fallynn that she thought it was her. Everyone that sees it thinks it is Fallynn.