Sunday, June 15, 2008


Fallynn, checking out mom's blog. My what a messy desk. This was before we moved.

Here is the last snow we had. Even though we had around 7 inches it was not enough for me. I like to measure snow in feet.

We had to move in April because they are remodeling all the apartments. We knew we had to do this when we moved in so it was not a shock but still a mess since it had just been 1 year since we had moved in. We decided to do a one time move and and move to a different apartment and not have to move back to our old one in 2 months after it was remodeled. Here is a pic of our kitchen before the stove and fridge were in.

Here is our french doors that go out on our patio. These are so much nicer than the sliding paito door in our old unit.

This is the closet in our bedroom. The carpet had not been laid yet. Again these doors are so much nicer than the bifold doors that we did have.

This is our living room door and front closet.

Inside the living room closet. These shelves are adjustable and we can add an extra shelf halfway down if we want. All the closets have these kind of shelves and they are really nice. For an apartment we have alot of closets, 8 total. One in each bedroom (4) 2 in the living room, one in the hall downstairs and one in hall upstairs. Never can have to many closets.

This is our living room window. These open up and can be washed inside and out. Very nice.

Still catching up

Just a quick note to let you know that my internet has not been working and so I have had trouble getting my blog updated, but I did want to get the Father's day post done first. So If I am able I will try and post some more tonight after church. In the meantime, this is my favorite thing to do. Sad thing is that she will be 4 in Oct. so my days of doing this are numbered :(


I want to wish the 3 men in my life a very Happy Father's Day. My husband is a wonderful father to our 5 children and has been a big help to them in alot a area's, especially school work. As well as teaching them to fire a gun,drive a car, build a computer, etc. Then to my father in law, who is such a great grandpa to his grandkids. Always kidding them about liking a girl!. Lastly, my dad who is such a great daddy and grandpa. He was always worried about his family and worked hard to give us a good life, even to the point of sacrificing his own time with us so that he could take care of us financially. Thanks Dad. I love you all.

My father in law and my husband

My husband and kids about 3 years ago

My dad last year ( date on camera not correct)

Friday, June 13, 2008


But wow, so much has happened and I have just failed to make time and get on here and tell you all about it. SOOOOO I promise to get lots of pictures up this weekend as well as a quick update on our busy lives.