Monday, January 28, 2008

WOW! Where has January went...

It seems like just yesterday that I was putting all the new Christmas toys away and here it is the last week of January. As you can probably tell this has been a very busy month for me. I had a court date for Ayden (my nephew) which God is in control of as he knows better than we do what is best for Ayden. Then my husband's great uncle (87) who I am Power of Attorney for had to be put in the nursing home and that has been a very trying time in our life as he is not adjusting well at all and wants to go home. My sister in law has been a big help with all of this and being able to take care of him together has really helped. On Jan. 7th my husband's uncle (not the same one in the nursing home )passed away suddenly while driving home with his wife. He was 64 and was not even sick but he had a massive heart attack. He also cut hair for all my boys and they had really enjoyed getting to know him better. Then last Thursday Fallynn was admitted in the hospital because she had diabetes too. I have been keeping a eye on her because she was displaying some of the same symptoms that Seth had. So I thought I could just call Seth's doctor and ask for some blood work and find out if she was for sure. But the next thing I know she is being admitted into the hospital for what started out as a 1 week stay but they let her out in 4 days because I have been doing this with Seth for 6 months and knew alot of what they were going to teach me. I know we are not suppose to question God and that He will not give us more than we can bear, but I just wish it had not been my youngest. At 3 years of age it will be hard for her to tell me when she is low or what she is feeling so I can tell what is going on. She does not mind the finger checks for blood, but she really fights the shots and we have to hold her down. But God has Grace for all our trials and that is what I am depending on for this time in my life.

So I guess that is why I have not had time to post on here lately but as part of my Resolution for the new year, I have had to take time for God and that has been my stronghold for the last few weeks as He has been my Anchor when things around me fall apart.

Here are some pics from our trip home on Jan. 1 after our Hurles Family Dinner. The weather turned really bad and we pulled over and got a motel for the night. We had my niece along for the day and so 6 kids 2 adults 2 double beds and one fold away bed made for a memorable night.

Fallynn helping scrape off the snow on the car and van

Fallynn in hospital

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Well, a new year is here and it is so hard to believe it is 2008. I hope that, as with every new year, I can keep my Resolutions and make them stick the whole year. At the top of my list is more time alone for devotions and prayer. It is a little hard to do with 5 kids and homeschooling. Jesus needs to be First in everything I do because without Him nothing else matters. Also time to help others that need a little encouraging. I would love to also get some organization for my boxes of photos in my closet. So that is a few things that I am working on at the start of this New Year.

We had a great Christmas and was able to spend time with our families. After we opened all our gifts, Fallynn wanted to know if we could do it again. I told her sure, in 364 days. Here are some pictures of our Christmas Play

Seth, as a Wise Man

Jared as a Wise Man

Tyler as a Rabbai

Eathan as a Shepherd and Fallynn doing a stretch.

Fallynn saying her piece for Christmas

Fallynn got sick a few days before Christmas and was "pooking out" as she calls it.

Christmas Day

Christmas at my parents house