Monday, November 26, 2007


I am usually not a early bird when it comes to decorating for Christmas, but Fallynn was so interested in "KISMAS" that we put up our tree earlier that we ever have, (do not tell my mom that it was up before Thanksgiving). It is so nice to see the magic in a child's eyes when they see all the Christmas lights and decorations that come along with it. I am still going to add a few things to our stairs and hang the stockings but I am posting a few pics for now and will post more later this week along with the kids pictures for our Christmas cards.

Monday, November 19, 2007


My youngest 2 children do have their own beds but for some reason they end up every night together in this chair fast asleep. It never ceases to amaze me at the positions they end up in. Today I came down and found them like this.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


October is full of birthdays at our house! Fallynn's is the 21st, my husband's is the 22nd and Eathan's is the 29th. It is really hard to believe that our baby girl is 3 years old already. She has brought lots of joy and happiness to our home and the boys have really spoiled her. (mom and dad too!!) Eathan turned 10 this year and has really grown up to be a handsome young man. He is doing really well in school and for his birthday he wanted a B.B. gun. It is so funny because his dad told him he could have one but he would have to get my permission first. So I was out shopping and Eathan called me on the phone and was trying to tell me how grown up he was and how careful he was when his brothers shot with their guns and in the back of my mind I knew what he was getting around to but I let him talk on. (mean mommy!!) Finally he asked the big question if he could have the gun for his birthday and I said "sure". He then says "mom, I asked if I could have a B.B. gun" I said I understood that and he says "for real, I can really have one" It was so cute because he thought he would have talk me into it. I have learned awhile back that with 4 boys comes guns, hunting,army men, airplane rides,military talk,race cars and lots of fishing. But I have enjoyed it all (at least most of it).
Steve is not one for cakes and such so I usually bake him a Pumpkin pie (his favorite) instead of buying a cake. I did not get a pic of him on his birthday but I did get the kids so I am posting some pics of them.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Something new......

but I thought I would try my hand at "blogging". I have never been one for keeping a journal, but this might be a little different. To all my friends and family, I hope you check back often as I will try and keep this updated.